Hello I am Stephen Owen. I was born in Oldham in the late fifties and still live there today. In 1969 I went to the Cardinal Langley Grammar School, Middleton, Manchester, which also gave the world Steve Coogan, Clint Boon (of 'The Inspiral Carpets'), Maartin Allcock (of 'Fairport Convention' and 'Jethro Tull') and Paul Scholes (of Manchester United and England). Not bad eh? Unfortunately, I wasn't there when 'Scholesy' was.

In 1976 I went off to Leeds to study Music and Public Media played lots of music with some great people and came back with a B.A. degree. Since then I have enjoyed working as a musician - teaching, arranging, composing and performing. My music has included everything from Jazz to Classical music and while I only profess to be a Piano/Keyboard player I also play flute and guitar.
As well as having a busy teaching schedule, I have recently I have been working on a collection of Guitar pieces called 'Saddleworth Songs' that are now finished. You can hear the pieces on the Saddleworth Songs page. Feel free - have to a listen and do let me know what you think.
And presently, I am working on a collection of piano pieces which I am a bit excited about. Hopefully I will get them finished fairly soon.

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